Marrs Marketing Presents the
Sales Automation Library
Powerful Done-For-You Marketing Automation Projects at Your Fingertips
I've got a question for you...
What would change for you if your business was fully automated to generate leads and sales? 

How much more profitable would you be? And how much more time would you have to do the things you really love?

You probably already know automating your business would change just about everything. But if you've ever tried doing it yourself, I'll bet some of this sounds familiar...
"I want to automate my business but I just never have the time to actually set it up and make it happen..."
"I'm spending a fortune on marketing automation software, and I know it could be really great for my business but I'm just not using it to it's full potential..."
"I know I need a sales funnel and that I should be building my list but learning how to do everything is frustrating and overwhelming..."
"I just wish I could hire someone to set this up for me but it's just not in our budget this year..."
"Everyone keeps saying I need a "sales funnel" but I barely have time to serve my clients... I don't have time to build landing pages and write emails!"
If any of these statements resonate with you, then you'll want to pay special attention to what I'm about to share with you...
Automating your business doesn't have to be complicated or stressful... really!

In fact, automating your business can be fun and easy (not to mention wildly profitable)...

That's why I'm on a mission to make sure you achieve that.

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The truth is, automating your business - both your marketing and your everyday administrative tasks - is one of the most profitable things you will ever do for your business. And the hours it will save you can equate to weeks or even months of extra vacation or family time.

Did you know that simply automating one daily 15-minute task gives you back the equivalent of two full weeks of time off every year?

But even though most small business owners and entrepreneurs know that automation can make a big impact, they don't give it the attention it deserves.

It's easy to let months or even years go by, wasting money on software that never gets used and promising to "get around to it" when things "slow down."

I know because I've been there before - knowing that I needed to automate to save time, but was too busy to automate.
When I first started learning about marketing and business automation I found myself discouraged and stuck.

I kept trying to follow all the different technology and techniques instead of focusing on a solid strategy. 

I always worried that my marketing wasn't working properly and that people were going to fall through the cracks.

I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast. Something had to change.

That's when I decided to create my own personal strategies to overcome these challenges. And within a few short months, my online business was thriving... almost without me.

Hi! I'm Dawn
I'm a marketing automation coach, certified Ontraport Consultant and entrepreneur. I'm the founder of Marrs Marketing, a website dedicated to helping small businesses harness the power of marketing automation.

Over the past eight years, I've helped hundreds of business owners design and implement effective strategies that have given them back countless hours and access to hands-off revenue. And in 2014 I created my online training program to help coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs implement powerful pre-built automation into their Ontraport account.

Imagine how much better your business could be if you were able to avoid the same mistakes I made.

You could be getting leads and sales while you sleep, enrolling new clients while you hang out at the beach, and giving webinars while you're hanging out with your kids... all helping to create positive change not only in your own life but in the lives of your family and your clients.

Instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed by all the tasks keeping you busy and chained to your office, you could be letting technology handle the bulk of your work and using your extra time and money in ways that elevate your passion for life.

I’ve taken all of the learning techniques, strategies, and templates that I personally used to automate several of my own business and have created my Automation Project Library…

Powerful Done-For-You Marketing Automation Projects at Your Fingertips

In my online Business Automation Library, I’ll show you how to build a powerful, fully automated business system, using simple yet powerful automation projects.

These projects work together to create an elegant and effective system designed to capture and nurture leads, make sales, schedule coaching and strategy sessions, and take care of existing clients.

In short, these done-for-you projects are designed to help you automate your entire business from start to finish, earn you more profit and give you your time back.

And together, we’ll walk through each of the six projects so you can install each of them quickly and easily, once and for all - without needing weeks or months, or a marketing degree.

I’ll also let you in on a few ‘insider secrets’ from my 10 years experience as an online entrepreneur.

By the time you have installed all of the projects in the program, you will have:

  • A completely automated lead generation funnel designed to nurture your contacts through the sales process...
  • A professionally written email autoresponder series that does all the selling for you, or fills your calendar with red-hot appointments...
  • An easy way to ensure repeat clients, a landslide of referrals, and a system to gather killer testimonials you can actually use to get new clients...
  • A hands-off way to follow up with the people who visited your sales pages but didn't buy... 
  • An automated "assistant" to contact and collect from clients whose credit cards and recurring payments are declined...
  • Systems to amaze and delight your clients, without ever missing a beat
Ultimately, you will have an automated business you can be proud of, using your systems to transform people’s lives and make a real difference.
Here's how the Automation Project Library is helping these business owners...
Jenn Seeger
"I've been working with Dawn Marrs for the past 3 years, and her coaching has been invaluable.

She has helped me create several online courses and sales funnels, and her expertise and guidance have allowed me to overcome the frustration and indecisiveness that used to hold me back.

 I recently moved my business to the Ontraport platform and with Dawn's technical knowledge and assistance, was able to have my latest program fully automated and ready to launch in less than a week.

This has been a game-changer in my business. I highly recommend Dawn as a marketing coach and technical mentor to anyone who is looking to implement and see results quickly."
Dana Malstaff
Founder & Author, Boss Mom
"Dawn is my go-to person for all things automation and sales funnels. She has been instrumental in helping me create multiple sales funnels that have produced six-figure results for my business... when you're ready to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend talking to Dawn."
Jennifer Ramsey
"Working with Dawn is fantastic. I feel so blessed to have met her. I had been looking for about four months for a coach to help me launch my fledgling business. 

I needed help with back-end technical set up and high quality social media know-how. I wanted to work with someone who was successful, and at the top of their game, yet still interested to work with me as an individual. Dawn has completely fitted the bill!

She is truly amazing - she is extremely smart, generous, organized, kind and completely invested in my success.

She has helped me chart a course to the future, kept me accountable to my goals, taught me an enormous amount and helped me iron out the teething problems that inevitably come with a new business set up.

If you are looking for someone to take your business to the absolute next level look no further than Dawn!"
What's Included in the Business Automation Library
You’ll get access to 6 Automation Projects. Each project contains video lessons, simple project maps, email and landing page templates as well as a completely done-for-you automation ready to import directly into your Ontraport account. 

Each project is
 fun, hands-on, and includes step-by-step installation instructions so that you can be up and running in just a couple of hours.
Lead Generation
Discover how to create a unique & effective lead magnet quickly and easily using our free template
A simple way to determine the most effective lead magnet for your business...
Done-for-you lead generation funnel imported into your Ontraport account in seconds along with full video instructions on how to tweak it make it your own!
Lead Nurturing
Learn what to say exactly what your subscribers need to hear, at exactly the right time...
Discover a little-known approach to email follow-up that yields the greatest engagement and results...
Install a powerful email series to help warm up your new subscribers and turn them into red-hot buyer leads!
Sales Automation
Power-up your simple Lead Generation Funnel and turn it into a profit magnet...
The most effective - and most often overlooked - place to make a sale...
Install a powerful system that guides your new prospects down the path to become your new clients!
Upsell Funnels
Discover how you can 10x your profit by adding one simple step to your sales process...
A simple upsell you can to your business today, even if you feel like there's nothing else you can sell...
Install a powerful system designed to instantly increase your lifetime customer value... without any additional marketing!
Admin Magic (Coming Soon)
Discover how you can effortlessly take an extra 2 weeks vacation this year...
Turn your Ontraport system into a reliable virtual assistant that never takes a break... 
Install the 3 most critical automated takes that will save you a massive amount of time and recover up to 30% of your lost sales without you lifting a finger!
Profit Maximizer
Discover the simple - yet mostly forgotten - "Updraft Method" to ensure satisfied long-term customers and steady profit...
Unlock the secret to repeat business and create a rock-solid foundation for future growth...
Install two powerful sequences designed to generate more referrals, heartfelt testimonials, and more repeat clients than you can shake a stick at!
You’ll also receive a TON of extras to ensure your success...
Access to our exclusive online community to get your questions answered
Automation checklists and project operating procedures to ensure you never miss a step
Monthly LIVE Q&A Session
VIP Strategy call to help you decide the most effective place to start... $500 VALUE!*
This Program is Perfect for You If...
  • You’ve been struggling to automate your marketing and email follow up
  • You know that automation will change your business but just don't have the time to implement
  • You want professionally designed and copywritten marketing material but don't want to spend thousands on a consultant
  • You are READY to put your business on autopilot, get more leads and sales and get your time back
  • You are READY to make a massive shift in the way you attract and serve clients

BOTTOM LINE: I designed this library to solve THE pressing problem I hear most often from entrepreneurs: “How can I finally automate my business without spending months, years or tens of thousands of dollars?”

So if that’s you, I designed this program with YOU in mind.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive as part of the Automation Project Library home study program:
6 Automation Projects
Get access to our 6 Automation Projects as they become available
Monthly Live Q&A
Join our live face-to-face Q&A call to get all of your questions answered
Access to New Projects
Access to all new automation projects for an entire year
BONUS Training*
Get exclusive access to my "High Ticket Academy" Sales Training to learn how to consistently close $1K+ sales
1-on-1 VIP Call*
For a limited time get a 1-on-1 strategy call to help you move powerfully toward your business automation goals*
Video Tutorials
Guided tutorials walk you through each step making the process simple and fun
Exclusive Community
Get access to our thriving community of amazing entrepreneurs
Your Investment

If you were to implement these projects one-on-one with me as a private client, it would cost you more than $12,000.
And each stand-alone Automation Project sells for up to $497.
Building it on your own could take more than two years (seriously, it's a lot of work)! But I want you to get access to these simple to install, done-for-you projects without wasting years of your life or having to break the bank...

That's why I'm offering payment options, to make these projects accessible no matter what your budget...

Full Library
One Payment of $1997
(Best Value)
  • 6 Premium Done-for-You Automation Projects
  • Video Tutorials
  • Monthly Q&A calls for 3 months
  • 3-month access to the online community
  • Access to new projects for an entire year
  • Professionally written email templates
  • Professionally designed landing page templates
  • LIMITED TIME! 1-on-1 VIP Strategy Call and BONUS "High Ticket" Sales Training (when you pay in full)
Full Library
12 Payments $197/month
(easy pay option)
  • 6 Premium Done-for-You Automation Projects
  • Video Tutorials
  • Monthly Q&A calls for 3 months
  • 3-month access to the online community
  • Access to all new automation projects for an entire year
  • Professionally written email templates
  • Professionally designed landing page templates
CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME! You've just made the decision to take your business to the next level, and I'm excited to help get you there. Complete the checkout below and within 5 minutes, you'll receive instructions via email to access the library!       
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Customer Value Optimization
Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialists are uniquely qualified to help businesses architect a “conversion funnel” that reduces initial customer acquisition costs, while simultaneously increasing both immediate and lifetime customer values.
Ontraport Certified Consultants are rigorously trained to support entrepreneurs in the planning and implementation of their Ontraport system, helping them to deliver their value to the world, increase sales and save time.
Inbound and Email Marketing
Hubspot Inbound Certification assures that the bearer has been tested to  attract, convert, close and delight customers. Email Marketing Certification test on best practices focused on anti-spam compliance, high converting email sends, mobile optimization and using metrics to test, optimize and improve email marketing.
IMPORTANT: The Business Automation Library has a 30-day money back guarantee. 
Included calls and bonuses will be issued once the refund period has passed.
All sessions must be used within 90 days.